Should I Switch Utility Companies to Save Money?

There are lots of companies that offer utility services i.e. gas and electric, these days. There is also a lot of advice that we should switch suppliers so that we can get a better deal and pay less. However, it can be a faff and many people just cannot be bothered with it. However, is it worth it?

Benefits of Switching

There are actually quite a lot of potential benefits to switching suppliers and it can be worth considering these when you are deciding whether to bother or not.

Save money on bills – the main reason that most people switch to a new provider is to save money. If you look at any comparison website and put in your details you will find that there will be providers that are cheaper than the one that you are currently using. It would be very rare for anyone to get some quotes and not find a cheaper supplier. You do need to be careful though and make sure that the provider is giving you the same service and that the price you have been quoted includes everything that you are getting at the moment. Most probably will be the same though and so you could save some money.

Get new customer offers – utility providers tend to have good deals for new customers. Once it comes time for you to renew the costs tend to go up and so you will find that you are then paying more money and sometimes significantly more. So, you will need to switch again to find a better deal. The good thing with switching energy supply is that the transition is seamless and all you will have to do is to complete an online form and read the meter and your supply will not be interrupted.

Get a provider with better customer service – you may find that there are providers that have a much better customer service record than the one that you are currently with. This means that if you swap and pay less you could end up getting a better service as a result as well.

Get greener energy – some people like the idea of green energy but think that it will be too expensive. However, you may find that if you switch you could find a green supplier or a green tariff that is cheaper than you are currently paying. It is certainly well worth a look.

There are not really many drawbacks of switching supplier either. You will have to do some price comparisons and get a few quotes so that you are able to find out which suppliers will be cheaper than yours. This will not take very long though. You might also want to investigate potential suppliers to see what they are like but a bit of online research should not take too long either. You will have to read your meters as well which is very easy for most people to do. They are normally easily accessible. The main reason that people tend not to swap is that they cannot be bothered with doing these few things. However, they will take less than half an hour in some cases and you could potentially save hundreds of pounds. If someone said to you, you could spend half an hour doing a bit of research on your computer at home and then be paid a few hundred pounds for it, you would probably do it, so why not try this? It is very unlikely that you will not be able to find a cheaper supplier so very unlikely that you will waste your time.

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