Should I use my Hobby to Make Money?

Many of us have hobbies that we enjoy. This can be anything from playing computer games or watching TV to art and crafts or even extreme sports. There are all sorts of things that people do. There are also all sorts of ways that you could possibly make money from your hobby. You might like to sell things that you make, offer tutorials for helping people or filming yourself doing your hobby or other things that can make money. There are ways that you can make money out of everything. However, there are pros and cons to doing this and it is a good idea to think about whether it might be a good idea for you.


If you can make some extra money then this can be great. This is a way that you might be able to make some money doing something fun. It could help you to earn more money so that you can pay for more things related to your hobby. Some people even find that they can make enough money so that they can stop their conventional job and do this instead. However, there are not that many people that are able to do that but it can be worth a try. You will need to do something a bit different, take advantage of a gap in the market, offer better value for money and find a way to use good marketing to make sure that you have a big appeal. Even if you just make a little bit of extra money it will mean that you will be able to improve your financial situation a little bit. Alternatively, you could look at payday loans in the UK as a way to gain access to quick funds.


It may seem odd to think that there might be cons to earning some extra money, but there could be. This is because you might find that if you have pressure to make money from your hobby it may not be so much fun. If what you do naturally makes money, such a providing instructional videos which you can monetise, then you will notice no difference. However, if you normally just do something for fun and you have to change it a bit to make money, then this could be trickier. You could find that you will not find it so much fun or it could even become a chore that you have to do because you need the money or want the money. A hobby is usually relaxing and fun and about switching off after work so if it is stressful then it could mean that you will need a new hobby to help you to relax form the other one!

There are lots of things to consider when making money from a hobby.

Things to Consider

It is worth being aware that there may be some things that could hold you back. Firstly, you may find that you will need to tell your employer about the fact that you are earning in another way as well as working for them. Some employers will not allow their employees to do this. You will also find that you will have to declare this income to the tax office. This is easy to do on a self-assessment declaration and you can do it all online. It can be very straightforward if your business is simple and you keep a track of your income and spending. It is very simple to keep accounts for a small business; jut note down what you spend and keep the receipts and note down the money coming in. Pop it into a simple chart, which you can do on paper or in a spreadsheet and then transfer these figures over to the tax form.

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